Iceland ProCruises Catalogue 2024

16 The SEAVENTURE o Iceland Discover the Island of Contrasts Experience an unforgettable journey around Iceland onboard the SEAVENTURE. Discover this mystical land steeped in Viking traditions and volcanic landscapes rarely seen anywhere else on earth. This voyage reveals a diverse array of natural wonders and the Icelandic way of life. A range of exciting shore excursions offers countless ways to interact with Iceland’s culture, nature, history and people. ICELAND CIRCUMNAVIGATION DAY | REYKJAVIK Use your leisure time in Reykjavik to discover the unique charm of the world’s northernmost capital. The SEAVENTURE docks in Old Reykjavik Harbor in the heart of the city, a ve-minute stroll from the main squares, shopping and dining. The ship departs in the evening. DAY | SNAEFELLSNES PENINSULA The area is o en referred to as “Iceland in miniature”, through its diversity of landscapes. Breida- ordur Bay, for instance, is known for its fascinating bird life, unique basalt formations and breathtaking panorama. DAY | ISAFJORDUR Today‘s destination is Isa ordur, an idyllic town in the West ords region. This secluded peninsula is connected to the Icelandic mainland by only a narrow strip of land and includes many roadless areas where cars have never been. The landscape includes jaw-dropping views of dramatic ords carved by ancient glaciers, sheer table mountains that plunge into the sea and pristine North Atlantic vegetation. DAY | SIGLUFJORDUR / FLATEY / HUSAVIK By morning we reach the ord town of Siglu ordur, once the hub of the global herring industry and now enjoying a rebirth in popularity. Learn about the golden age of herring at the award-winning Herring Era Museum located on the vibrant harbor-front. In the early a ernoon we head to Flatey. It’s a natural haven for birdlife and home to the arctic tern and pu ns, which can be observed at close quarters. During dinner we steam further into the Skjalfandi Bay and visit Husavik. DAY | HUSAVIK Husavik is o en called the “Whale watching capital” of Iceland. The town’s o shore waters are home to 15 di erent whale species, as well as dolphins and 30 variety of birds. Watching these graceful ocean giants in their Arctic habitat is an unforgettable experience. DAY | SEYDISFJORDUR Iceland’s East Fjords are best explored from the impossibly picturesque port of Seydis ordur, nestled between the sea and steep mountains. Activities include hiking, horseback riding and exploring the natural beauties of the East. TYPI CAL I CEL ANDI C Photo: A pu n colony Photo: Hermann Helguson The Myvatn geothermal bath