Iceland ProCruises Catalogue 2024

32 DAY | KANGERLUSSUAQ Our optional Air & Ground package provides a convenient arrival. Our charter ight takes you from Ke avik in Iceland to Kangerlussuaq in Greenland. Then we transfer you to the port, where the SEAVENTURE anchors. Embarkation is conducted via our Zodiac boats. Your adventure journey begins in the evening. For individual arrival to Iceland: Please check the details for the charter ight from Ke avik to Kangerlussuaq with our o ce before booking your international ight. DAY | ATTU Just 200 people live in the small town of Attu, near Disko Bay. Use the day for a hike through the unique nature (included) and, with a bit of luck, observe the local wildlife up close. DAY | ILIMANAQ / EQUIP GLACIER On the third day of the cruise, one of the smallest settlements in Disko Bay awaits you in Ilimanaq with its 50 inhabitants. The idyllic village with its colorful houses and picturesque surroundings is still mainly inhabited by hunters and shermen and can look back on a rich history. Learn more about this town on our guided hike (included). Afterwards, the journey continues towards the impressive Equip Glacier. DAY | UUMMANNAQ / IKERASAK We are about 311 miles (500 km) North of the Arctic Circle. Uummanaq’s landmark is the heart-shaped mountain of the same name, at the foot of which nestle numerous colorful houses, winding paths, and countless sled dogs. The small town of Ikerasak, with a population of just under 230, is located near Uummannaq, which is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Greenland. Weather permitting, we will go ashore and explore the town on a city walk (included). DAY | KARRAT FJORD / NUUGAATSIAQ In the morning, we drive through the Karrat Fjord. With a bit of luck, you can see icebergs calving as we drive through the ord landscape - an impressive and breathtaking experience. In the a ernoon, we anchor in front of Nuugaatsiaq, a place with a tragic history: in 2017, the village was hit by a big tsunami. The place has not been inhabited since then. If weather permits, you can join a hike and participate in a zodiac cruise (both included). DAY | KANGERLUK / AASIAAT On the sixth day, we visit the smallest and the largest town on our trip. With just 11 inhabitants, Kangerluk is the smallest town we visit. Aasiaat is the heart of an archipelago of low-lying islands. What Aasiaat lacks in vertical height, it makes up for with its huge coastline. In both settlements we will o er guided hikes (included). DAY | ITILLEQ Many years ago, the town we are visiting today, was a shing and trading town. Nowadays there are only around 100 inhabitants in the picturesque shing village. Explore the town on our guided hike (included). DAY | KANGERLUSSUAQ We are back in Kangerlussuaq in the early morning. Now it is time to say goodbye to the SEAVENTURE. Our charter ight will take you back from Greenland to Iceland in the early evening. Take a look at our Air & Ground package to enjoy a comfortable journey home. Or take advantage of our special combination price and start into the second Greenland adventure with the SEAVENTURE: Natural Wonders of Greenland Tour 2 Please note: Please contact your Iceland Pro Cruises agent regarding ight arrival time from Kangerlussuaq before you book your return ight from Ke avik. Above the Arctic Circle along the West Coast Experience Greenland’s West Coast in a very special way on this journey. Explore remote places that can only be reached by Zodiac and enjoy many natural highlights off the beaten track. Get to know Western Greenland with us on this adventurous cruise! Zodiac transfer in Uummannaq ADVENTURE WEST GREENLAND Photo: Hermann Helguson