Tourists and travelers are welcome to Iceland, as there are NO travel restrictions for travel to the country.

Those of you, who have planned a trip to Iceland, do not have to go into quarantine. Preventive measures have been taken by the Icelandic authorities to contain the potential spread of the Coronavirus in Iceland. 

Iceland has only a few entry points and the lowest density of population in Europe, so it was possible to quickly identify, talk to, and if necessary quarantine those residents, who were coming back from high-risk areas.

People who travel from high-risk infection areas are precautionary advised staying home for 14 days. This does NOT apply to tourists. 

Tourists are considered a low-risk group for the transmission of the Coronavirus. 

If you have traveled from high-risk areas, and have cold-like symptoms, you should contact the Icelandic Health-line: 1700 (+354 544-4113 for foreign callers.)

For further information, please visit the official COVID-19 website of the Directorate of Health and The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management:

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