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Iceland ProCruises - Unforgettable, authentic and personal

Discover Iceland with locals! Our partly Icelandic expedition team gives you the unique opportunity to get to know Iceland from a different perspective. Listen to Icelandic songs or enjoy the different local craft beers at a beer tasting.

Our crew members have many years of experience as tour guides and/or lecturers, and know the country and its people like the back of their hand. Experience the expedition team's passion for the land of ice and fire, on board or on our diverse shore excursions. We make your trip to Iceland a unique, authentic travel experience that you will never forget!

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Welcome aboard! Since 2014, Iceland ProCruises has not only offered extraordinary cruises with the OCEAN DIAMOND and since 2022 with the SEAVENTURE, but also sustainable and environmentally friendly travel. The maneuverable SEAVENTURE has the highest ice class for passenger ships and is thus perfectly equipped for a comfortable journey with an expedition-like character.

The crew really cares about using few disposable products. In addition to the use of biodegradable cleaning products, water protection measures are also a matter of course for Iceland ProCruises. These three approaches are just a few of our principles. This way, we also contribute to the responsible handling of nature and animals, which is particularly important to us. More information can be found here. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

The IPT Family

Iceland ProCruises is part of the Iceland ProTravel Group, which is the leading tour operator in Europe, specialized on Iceland.

We organize tailor-made individual trips, family holidays, (guided) group tours or corporate incentive trips, according to the wishes of our customers.

In addition to the IPT and IPC family, Iceland ProFishing has been part of the IPT group since 2012 as a travel operator, with its own boats and houses in the Westfjords of Iceland. Deep-sea anglers experience an unforgettable fishing adventure here! Many enthusiastic sea anglers appreciate the short distances on-site, rich fishing grounds and the unique, beautiful nature of Iceland.

Guðmundur Kjartansson, a native Icelander and Ann-Cathrin Bröcker from Luxembourg, are the owners of Iceland ProCruises and Iceland ProTravel. Both of them have more than 20 years of experience in the tourism sector of Iceland.

North America - Reservation, Sales & Marketing

Phone for Reservations North America: +1 678-701-5830
Email for Reservation North America: info@icelandprocruises.com

North America - Trade inquiries

Emerging Destinations
Email: info@emergingdestinations.com
Phone: +1 (306) 202-8471

For bookings in U.K. please contact:

Iceland ProTravel Ltd.
Höfðabakki 9D
IS-110 Reykjavik
phone: + 44 (0)20 3630 1340
email: memo@icelandprotravel.co.uk

For bookings in Germany please contact:

IPT Island ProTravel GmbH
Theodorstraße 41 A
D 22761 Hamburg
phone: +49 (040) 28 66 87 160
email: info@icelandprocruises.de

For bookings in Switzerland please contact:

IPT Island ProTravel GmbH
Gutenbergstrasse 25
CH - 8640 Rapperswil-Jona
phone: + 41 (0)43 497 04 81
email: memo@islandprotravel.ch

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