Iceland ProCruises is committed to providing our travelers, crew, and staff the utmost in health security and peace-of-mind as they explore Iceland and Greenland during the upcoming season 2021.

Our land-based operations team is working intensely to ensure maximum safety for its guests onboard the OCEAN DIAMOND. Many of our planned Coronavirus-related protocols are and will continue to be, supported by guidelines and recommendations from international health and cruise safety authorities. These include the World Health Organization (WHO); Centers for Disease Control (CDC); Cruise Lines International (CLIA); and, in conjunction with the ship’s technical management team at Cruise Management International (CMI), VIKAND, a leading expert in global maritime medical operations and healthcare.

We continue to monitor the best practices and innovations currently being developed for testing, screening, health checks, shipboard sanitation, as well as social distancing and other effective means of infection prevention, and to incorporate these relevant guidelines and procedures into the health and safety protocols for the OCEAN DIAMOND

Rest assured that as health organizations and the cruise industry continue to develop best practices and procedures, Iceland ProCruises will incorporate these into its standard protocols. All passengers will be updated about the Health and Safety protocols before their journey starts.

Our health and safety protocols are based on the above-mentioned guidelines and recommendations and as well as our own methodologies for ensuring the highest standard of prevention and care:

Your Ship

The OCEAN DIAMOND is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to each voyage. We are using Peroxide and Hypochlorite based medical-grade products and advanced technologies. Our air conditioning and heating systems do not recirculate air and are regularly inspected and sanitized.

Your Crew and Staff
The ship’s crew and staff are tested negative for Covid-19, their health is monitored, and body temperature regularly screened. Personnel protection and distancing protocols are followed. The crew is well trained on our enhanced procedures.

Your Embarkation
All passengers are requested to follow strict guidelines before boarding, including a recent negative PCR test, self-monitoring, and reasonable social distancing before and during travel as. Onboard medical staff will conduct a stringent screening of passengers prior to embarkation. Embarkation may be denied to any passenger who exhibits symptoms associated with Covid-19 or tests positive. Passenger luggage is disinfected if necessary, upon embarkation. 

Your Voyage
Social distancing will be strictly enforced. Activities onboard and ashore are tailored to provide reasonable separation between passengers.

Passengers are obliged to wear a face mask at all times outside their cabin, except during food and beverage service.  
A significantly increased number of hand sanitizing stations will be provided, and hand hygiene is practiced throughout the voyage.

An advanced food safety program is in place and there will no longer be any self-service buffets offered onboard. The total number of passengers will be reduced to ensure more space in public areas and at the restaurants onboard.
The cleaning and sanitation of the entire ship will be conducted to the highest industry standards. It will follow the most stringent protocols and employ leading technologies.

Crew and passenger body temperatures will be monitored using infrared devices.

Your Onboard Medical Care
A team of well-trained medical staff is available onboard. They are equipped to efficiently identify any signs or symptoms of Covid-19, and any affected passenger will be isolated in selected isolation cabins.  Our medical team is in constant contact with our medical experts ashore, as well as local authorities. Contingency and response plans are in place, and ready to be deployed should the need arise to take further preventative action.

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Last updated: 25th May 2021 / Subject to change

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