Covid-19 Measures undertaken by Iceland ProCruises

Your worry-free journey to Iceland is very important to us. Iceland is one of the safest countries in Europe, and has been for the past 5 years according to the Global Peace Index. This year, we are expecting significantly fewer tourists in Iceland, which not only makes social distancing easier, but also enhances your experience. In addition, Iceland is the least densely populated country in Europe after Greenland (just over 350,000 inhabitants), so there is a lot of space to move freely!

The following measures are based on the current prevention guidelines that are officially required for your journey. Since COVID is unpredictable, regulations are adjusted accordingly. As positive developments are increasing daily, COVID regulations ease. The following measures can be adjusted at any time, even at short notice. Your tour guide on board will inform you in detail about the current and applicable rules upon embarkation. Please check the Icelandic Health Authority's website frequently for the latest information prior to your sailing.

Entry to Iceland

What are the Current Entry Requirements for Iceland?

- Before arrival in Iceland, travelers must fill out a registration form with contact details, flight and accommodation details, as well as information on health status and previous stays.

- Vaccinated travelers do not have to present a negative PCR test before entry.

- Children born in 2005 or later do not need to show a PCR test before entry.


Where can I find Information on Current Entry Requirements?

Please check the Icelandic Health Authority's website for the latest information on a regular basis.


What is Required Before Departure?

The usual required documents and identification papers such as your passport and your travel documents. A completed health questionnaire must be completed before embarkation; you will receive this from Iceland ProCruises in advance.


I’ve Received my COVID-19 Vaccination, can I Enter the Country?

Entry into Iceland is possible after receiving the second vaccination or with Janssen/ Johnson & Johnson after the first dose. FROM 1 JULY - certificate is valid when 14 days have passed from the second dose (or 14 days from Janssen/Johnson & Johnson dose).


What Criteria Must my Vaccination Certificate Meet?

- Detailed vaccine certification can be found on the Icelandic Health Authority's website.

The above named entry requirements are valid for all travelers arriving in Iceland until  29th June 2021.


I am not yet Vaccinated; Which Rules Apply to me for Entry?

Iceland ProCruises only allows vaccinated passengers on board

- All travelers who do NOT have a vaccination certificate or proof of surviving COVID-19 (anti-bodies) must undergo a free COVID-19 test upon entry.

- After this test is administered, travelers must go into quarantine for 5-6 days and then undergo a second (also free) COVID-19 test. Both tests must produce negative results. Quarantine cannot be done onboard the ship.

- For the 2nd PCR test, travelers must go to the test center in Reykjavík - Suðurlandsbraut 34, 104 Reykjavík, ground floor.

- Travelers whose quarantine accommodation is not in Reykjavík can take the 2nd PCR test at a rural health center.

- Quarantine may only end after a negative test result has been received.

- In the event of a positive test result, isolation will be ordered at the cost of the traveler.

The above named entry requirements are valid for all travelers arriving in Iceland until  29th June 2021.


I am not yet Vaccinated and Must Quarantine After Entering the Country; Where do I Quarantine?

- A list of available accommodations for mandatory quarantine can be viewed on the website of the Icelandic Tourist Board.

- Guests may also quarantine at other accommodations. If the booked accommodation is unable to accommodate guests for the quarantine period, the list offers alternatives.

The above named entry requirements are valid for all travelers arriving in Iceland until  29th June 2021.


What are the Embarkation Protocols?

- Increased hygiene and protective measures by all crew and staff onboard.
- Additional disinfectant dispensers throughout the ship.
- Guests must provide a health questionnaire before they are allowed on the ship.
- Body temperatures will be checked.


How Does IPC Ensure that a Person Infected with COVID-19 does not Come Onboard?

- Guest health questionnaires are checked by the onboard doctor and crew members.
- A staggered boarding process will be used.
- Body temperatures will be checked.


How is the Mandatory Safety Drill Carried Out?

- The safety drill will take place in groups to avoid large gatherings.
- The division of groups will take place by staff onboard.


What Happens if Someone has Symptoms of COVID-19 at the Time of Embarkation?

- The medical team will immediately conduct an on-the-spot, rapid-result COVID-19 test to the guest that is showing symptoms.
- If the test comes back positive for COVID-19, the guest will not be allowed to board the ship and needs to go into quarantine.


What Happens if I am not Allowed to Join the Cruise Due to COVID-19 or Another Illness? Can I Rebook my Trip?

- Yes, you will be offered a voucher in the amount you’ve paid (Flight tickets are excluded from this)
- You can then use this voucher to book another cruise with us.


During Your Cruise

What Rules Apply Onboard?

- We recommend to keep a distance of at least 3 feet (1 meters) from other people. 
- Our guests are asked to wash and disinfect their hands regularly. Additional disinfectant dispensers are available onboard.


How Often is my Cabin Cleaned?

Increased cleaning and disinfection procedures are used in cabins and in all public areas. All cabins are cleaned and disinfected daily.


How Often will Public Areas be Cleaned and Disinfected Onboard?

On the day of arrival and during the voyage, our ship is regularly cleaned and disinfected. In the cabins and all public areas, increased cleaning and disinfection procedures will occur according to a specified schedule. Surfaces with frequent use, such as handrails, elevator buttons, tables and chair backs in the public areas are cleaned and disinfected frequently. Additional hand disinfection stations are available in all public areas onboard.


Can Guests Order Food to the Cabin?

At this time, we will not be offering room service. Exceptions will be made in the event of illness or malaise. In this case, please contact the hotel reception.


Will the Spa Area be Open?

Yes, the spa will be open and additional hygiene measures are being taken.


What happens if the National Guidelines Change During my Cruise?

If tighter restrictions are put in place while you are in the country, we will adjust your itinerary when necessary. We reserve the right to alter the route or make other changes. Guests will not be charged any additional fees if rearrangements are made.

Shore Excursions

Are Guests Allowed to go Ashore at Ports and Walk Around Freely?

We follow all requirements from the Icelandic/Greenlandic government and adjust our plans and procedures as needed. In some cases, this may mean restricting certain activities. Conditions may cause a cancellation of shore excursions, or other activities, at short notice.


Can I Cancel the Excursion I’ve Paid for Free of Charge if the Shore Excursion Does Not Take Place?

We must receive permission from each port and approval is subject to the current situation. Unfortunately, this can lead to the cancellation of organized shore excursions and individual shore excursions, even at short notice. A refund due to canceled shore excursions is unfortunately not possible.


How are Hygiene and Safety Ensured on Shore Excursions?

Our shore excursions comply with the new health and safety guidelines as well as local regulations. Close cooperation is maintained with the local authorities.


What Rules Apply on the Shore Excursions?

- We recommend to keep a distance of at least 3 feet (1 meters) from other people.
- We recommend to disinfect your hands every time you get on and off the bus.

Measures in the Event of a COVID-19 Case Onboard:

What Measures does Iceland ProCruises Take to Detect Possible COVID-19 Infections Onboard as Early as Possible?

- All guests’ temperatures are checked with a contactless scanner upon boarding the ship and at restaurant entrances.
- All guests must agree to be tested if their scan indicates a high temperature.
- Rapid COVID-19 tests are available on our ship.


What Happens if there is a Suspected Case of COVID-19 Onboard?

Our highest priority is avoiding the possible spread of a disease. Guests that notice signs of COVID-19 during the trip should immediately contact our qualified medical staff over the phone. In the event of a confirmed COVID-19 infection of one or more passengers onboard, specific measures are followed in accordance with precise procedures.

- Our top priority is to prevent further transmission of the virus onboard. The patient is isolated in a cabin and cared for accordingly.
- All guests in close contact with the patient are identified immediately and isolated as a preventive measure.
- Several cabins are kept free as isolation stations onboard. (Infection control cabins may not reflect the cabin type booked.)

A decision will be made according to the orders of the local authorities.


Are Other Fellow Travelers Also Automatically Quarantined?

Individuals who show no symptoms and who have not had close contact with the isolated patient will not be isolated upon consultation with the local health authorities. Measures analogous to the national processes for dealing with the virus are taken.


If there is a Suspected or Confirmed Case Onboard, Can I Leave Earlier for my Own Protection?

If the guest is not quarantined, it is possible to leave early with permission from the responsible parties. However, you will not be entitled to reimbursement of the (proportionate) travel price.


How do I Get Back Home in the Event of a Suspected or COVID-19 Case and Who Will Pay for the Costs?

In the event of a suspected case, a guest first goes into the onboard quarantine and is tested. If the test ordered by the ship's doctor is positive, the guest remains in the isolation ward and is transferred to a hospital on shore at the nearest possible port. The guest is responsible for all costs. We recommend that appropriate health insurance is acquired.


How Does Disembarkation Take Place?

The disembarkation takes place similarly to embarkation, equalized and in compliance with the social distancing rules.


COVID Antigen Test Information for Entry Into Home Country; Where Can I Get Tested?

If a negative COVID Antigen test is required for the return journey home, it is possible to administer the test onboard. Please inform the tour guide if you require a test prior to the end of the cruise.


I Will Be Staying in Iceland for a Few More Days After my Cruise Ends and I need a COVID Test for the Trip home; Where do I Go?

The test can be done at the test center in Reykjavík (Suðurlandsbraut 34, 104 Reykjavík, ground floor).
- An appointment must be booked in advance.
- The validity of the respective test result can vary from country to country and should be observed especially if it is not a direct return flight.
- Test center operating hours: Monday-Friday 8: 30-11: 45 a.m. & 1-4 p.m. Weekends and Holidays: 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
- The test costs 7000ISK / 57 USD
- Travelers receive the test results via email and directly on their mobile phones. If the test result is not delivered, contact the chat staff on The result can be found using the barcode that travelers received.
- Travelers who need the test result in paper form can collect it from one of the health centers.
- Operating hours:  Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
- Weekends Læknavaktin, Háaleitisbraut 68, 1st floor 9 a.m. - 11 p.m.


Last updated: 29th June 2021