The Greenlandic government has decided to reintroduce the cruise passenger tax ("Pax Tax") for visitors from January 1, 2024 and also to levy a new environmental and maintenance fee. This fee/tax is due in Greenland whenever the ship calls at a port or is on anchorage outside the port. Furthermore, the fee/tax is levied when the ship anchors. This may be the case several times a day, depending on the number of ports/settlements called at per day.
The amount of DKK 50.- (approx. 7.50 USD) per person per port call or arrival at the anchorage will be settled in USD at the end of the voyage via the on-board account by the guest. This regulation applies to our voyages: Natural Wonders of Greenland, Adventure West Greenland, Greenland Explorer and Hot Springs and Eternal Ice.

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