End of December 2023, the Icelandic Government has decided to reinstate an overnight tax for visitors and expands this overnight tax to cruises, starting January 1st, 2024. We will have to recharge these costs to our guests.

For cruises around Iceland (Iceland Circumnavigation, Hot Springs and Eternal Ice):

For overnight stays on a cruise ship in an Icelandic port or within the customs territory, the following fee is charged: ISK 1000 - no VAT per night/cabin. The final amount of the overnight tax will be charged on board at the end of the cruise directly with each client.

For pre and post nights in Iceland:

An overnight tax of USD 5.-  per night/room (ISK 666,- incl. 11% Icelandic VAT for apartment, vacation home etc.) will be charged. For all new and existing bookings, the overnight tax will be added to each invoice.

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