Two weeks ago we started our Iceland season with the SEAVENTURE and had the meteorologist Sven Plöger on board, who was able to get a personal impression of the peculiarities of the Icelandic weather. A choppy sea on Iceland's west coast made for an unexpected, exciting start to the first circumnavigation of Iceland.

Our first stop on the Snaefellsnes peninsula offered no option due to the weather. The wind was too strong to pier in a harbor, let alone allow shore excursions to take place. The expedition team reacted and adjusted the start of the route to the conditions, so that we found our first port of call further north in Isafjördur, the capital of the Westfjords.

All of our excursions in the Westfjords pleased the guests. The additional overnight stay in Isafjördur was used not only by the team, but also by several passengers to visit the local brewery "Dokkan" and taste local beers.

The expedition team showed their skills in local and weather knowledge and organized a spontaneous sunset zodiac tour around the bird island Drangey in Skagafjördur in the lee of the Nordfjords- a very special experience for participants and staff.

From Husavik, we returned to calm waters. The sky seemed almost boring without clouds. At the BBQ on the pool deck we had a South Sea feeling with a view of still snow-covered mountain peaks.

With mild temperatures and calm seas, we crossed the Arctic Circle. With Icelandic delicacies such as Brennivin, Hakarl (fermented Greenland shark), sheep's brawn, licorice and all sorts of other things, the guests quickly got into conversation with the expedition team and celebrated with music and dancing.

A varied program of horseback riding, bus tours, swimming and hiking also awaited the participants in the east, so that everyone found something to suit their taste.

The stage is yours: The crew of the MS Seaventure convinced with their "Crew Talent Show" with dances from the South Seas, singing skills and their own rock band. This kept no one in their seats for long. The applause was justified.

The highlight in the southeast: The glacier lagoon awaited our guests again with sunshine and the one or other guest got a sunburn. Those who forgot their sunglasses surely regretted it quickly.

Via Heimaey, the largest island of the Westman Islands, we returned to Reykjavik with a full camera memory card and overwhelmed by the nature of Iceland. A season opener that shows that improvisation is simply part of Iceland and the weather provides for many new experiences. Just like the Icelanders say "Þetta reddast" - Icelandic for "It'll be alright".

Seaventure off Flatey (©


Image 1: SEAVENTURE at bird island Drangey

Image 2: SEAVENTURE at Flatey (Skagafjördur) ©

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